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Gregory Scharf


Greg is a consummate entrepreneur. His superlative ability to communicate, conceptualize and reiterate facts between customers and engineers arouses awe through being impressive.

Inspired by his father, Beverly Scharf- Vice President of sales and marketing of a major Southern California electronics firm who was tasked with setting up a European representative network exposed Greg to what sales people do. Greg Started in electronics sales in 1981. During which Greg earned a degree in Human Services from Cal State Dominguez Hills, in 1984 a Masters of Arts at the University of Southern California and in 1994 a Masters of Science from Cal State University of Fullerton.

"Communication skills I learned being a therapist are very applicable to business."

Terra Scharf


Terra joined Greg in 2014. She has an unusual sense of empathy which gives her an ability to hone in on the needs of both customers and principals.

Terra was a massage therapist for over a decade. She attended acupuncture school and earned an Associates of Science in Business Fundamentals from University of Phoenix. She joined Greg to organize and update Bear Flag Technical Sales as an Inside Sales Coordinator and Administrator.

Terra gets out of the office to attend sales calls and trade shows often working the booth with Greg.

"I enjoy being of service."