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Thermal Components: Foil Heaters

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Etched Resistive Heaters

Flexible resistive heating elements have many applications including de-icing, de-fogging, freeze prevention, temperature maintenance. Foil heaters are produced by bonding high temperature foils such as Inconel 600 or X750 as thin as .001” to a flexible insulating substrate such as silicone rubber or a polyimide film such as Dupont’s Kapton.

The resistive element is producing by photo etching away the metal that is not part of the pattern. Typically, foil heater elements have resistance specifications which are measured by means of an ohmmeter. The photo etched elements are assembled with leads and often thermocouples and/or thermostats and then encapsulated.

Conard has resources for the foil bonding and can etch foil heater elements as large as 24” x 60”.