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Photochemical machining is used to produce metal components for many types of aerospace applications from air frame stiffeners and heat sinks to satellite batteries.

The ability to produce complex parts that are free of burrs and thermal or mechanical distortion in very thin gauges of metal is a key advantage of chemical etching. Precision etched components enable the creation of complex geometries at negligible incremental cost.

Many aerospace components are produced in aluminum to save weight. Photo-etching aluminum is challenging because it is a very reactive metal that readily oxidizes.

Expertise in photo etching aluminum led to the founding of the The Conard Corporation in 1965.

Conard’s ability to etch aluminum up to .080″ thick continues to find new applications in many industries.

Photo chemical machining is exempt from Nadcap checklist 7108/5 because the process does not alter any of the properties of the metal.

Aerospace Customers:

Pratt & Whitney

Eagle Picher

Northrop Grumman

Hamilton Sundstrand


Parker Hannifin

General Dynamics



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