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Sons Tool Inc. designs and produces all of the tooling for their customers' parts on-site.

  • Sons Tool Inc. Quality rating past 15 years averaged 98.8% and for the past 5 years 99.25%.
  • Engineering and Production coordinate Initial Inspection Reports and Variable Data Charts for all critical dimensions.
  • After Initial Inspection every new part is entered into system automatically downloading established procedures insuring quality standards are met on repeat orders.
  • Variable Data Charts specify how often every operation is to be inspected.
  • successfully completed parts go through a final inspection before being shipped.
  • Every process and procedure is documented; F.A.I.R.' s, PP AP' s, ISIR's, SPC, CofC, capability studies, material, plating, painting, heat treat certifications etc. All inspection equipment is calibrated to the N.I.S.T. standards.

Engineering designs all tooling and creates programs for wire electrical discharge machines, CNC machining, laser cutter and co-ordinate measuring machine.

  • Cad files are laid out and redrawn into a flat pattern with dimensions.
  • KeyCreator Cad-Cam software system is used to produce layout drawings for all tooling. Solid part files can be accepted but are only used for tooling layouts and reference only.
  • Approved drawings are programmed into Co-ordinate Measuring Machine for parts inspection.


  • Sons Tool Inc. designs and produces all of the tooling for their customers' parts on-site with State-of-the-art Tooling Equipment.
  • High Quality, Custom-Selected Tool Steel is chosen specifically for each part ensuring parts fit print specifications.
  • Customer owns tooling and is maintained at no expense for the life of the part. Sons Tool Inc. does not quote engineering charges.

In-House Laser Capabilities

  • Short lead time with no tooling! Cincinnati CL-6 flying optics laser machine is ideal for pre-production samples and small quantities.
  • Rapid cutting and precision accuracy. Part accuracy to within .005 inch from a maximum sheet size of four by eight feet. Thickness up to .125 inch aluminum and .250 inch steel.

Assembly Services

  • welding
  • brazing
  • silver soldering
  • inserting hardware (PEM™, etc.)
  • riveting

Secondary Services

  • forming operations
  • tapping
  • countersinking
  • reaming
  • drilling
  • machining

Outsourced Services

  • plating
  • anodizing
  • painting (liquid, powder coat, E-coat)
  • silk-screening
  • screw machine parts
  • heat treating
  • chemical etching

Sons Tool Inc. maintains a minimum of two sources for each outsourced operation and only work with organizations who have the same high standards as their own.