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Die Cast, Perm Mold and Sand Cast Products in both Aluminum or Cast Iron

Talent and Technology Creates Versatility

Pioneer Products is a precision CNC machine shop with machining, grinding, plating, heat treating and engineering support for all your manufacturing needs. Our 112,000 square-foot manufacturing and office facility features multi-functional machining capabilities. We provide assembly services with parts that are packaged, bar coded and shipped to your exact specifications. With our broad capabilities, we have the versatility to run die cast, perm mold and sand cast products in both aluminum or cast iron. Our fully equipped contract tool, fixture, and die shop supports you from the beginning, manufacturing CNC fixtures and special tools to meet any prototype or production needs. Our highly trained personnel can design and fabricate custom machines for both assembly and metalworking.


Pioneer has an industry-wide reputation for exceptional versatility and capabilities. With a fleet of over 100 machining centers, we take our customers toughest demands and turn them into standard practice. Our fleet consist of Lathes, Horizontal and Vertical CNC’s, routinely machining to tolerances of .0001”. Our envelope for machining goes up to 40” cubed. Tooling design will greatly affect your success level upon launching a new program, eliminating variability during this early stage will insure you ship the same quality part throughout the life of the program. Pioneer has the staff and expertise to identify these potential risks and how to design around them.

Wash & Assembly

As environmental regulations continues to grow in complexity on a global scale, the need to produce parts that meet new emissions becomes critical. We work with our customers, up front, co-creating a plan for cleanliness. Then, we execute the task to its highest level. A few microns in many cases is not allowed, so Millipore testing is crucial in these applications. Some products require little to no cleaning, so understanding this requirement and designing it into your process is paramount. Many of our parts go from wash to assembly. We have the capabilities to assemble a variety of components and test them upon completion.

Pressure Testing

Pioneer Products specializes in precision machining of pressure-tight components. Pioneer designs and builds its own pressure test units, adhering to customer-specific test parameters for testing pressure and allowable leak rate. Pioneer utilizes both air decay and dunk testing methods, depending on the design of the part.


Pioneer Products builds its own machine fixtures in house, thereby minimizing the up-front lead time on project launch. We have the ability to design in-house as well, depending on the scope of the project. With fixture build done in house, Pioneer has a leg up on competitors for projects with tight time constraints. Coupled with several employees with extensive backgrounds in tool and die building, Pioneer can service just about any need when it comes to machine fixturing. By incorporating the fixture design into part design principles such as datum structure and coordinate axes, Pioneer uses its work-holding expertise to enhance overall part design.

Supply Chain Management

“One stop shopping” is something Pioneer’s customers can count on. We manage any outsourced requirements necessary to deliver a finished component ready to assemble for use at its final stop. Whether it’s casting, forge, bar stock, painting, plating, heat treat or impregnation, we know the best sources and have built relationships for more than 50 years ensuring the highest of quality and on time delivery for every part. Our partners expand across the globe and stand beside us on our endeavor to continuously improve.